RCA company is well known for producing televisions with the latest technology at affordable prices, to give you an example a 42 inch RCA TV is for approximately $200 however the same TV with the same specs is for approximately $300 if it was Samsung.

In case you are thinking of buying a new RCA TV, there 2 models produced by the company that has very good customers ratings:

  • RCA LED42C45RQ

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Are you looking for a new TV that can provide an immersive entertainment experience at home? There is no need to look any further. RCA LED42C45RQ 42-inch LED TV is one of the best options that can be taken into account.  More than its contemporary design, you can also experience enhanced connectivity, superior video and audio clarity, and multiple functionalities:

Watch TV in Full High-Definition

When you read RCA TV reviews, you will see that one of the features highlighted about this model is its full 1080P HD resolution.What does that means? most of affordable television has 720P as resolution and of course the higher the resolution the better quality image you will  get:


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If you have a bigger budget and you want a better image quality then you must consider buying a 4K television. 4K Ultra HD TVs have 4 times as many pixels as the  1080p. 4K television price are starting $300. List of 4K televisions and their price


Contrast Ratio 

It should be noted that RCA LED42C45RQ comes with 4000:1 contrast ratio, what does that means?

Contrast ratio is simply the difference between the brightest a television can be, and the darkest.  RCA LED42C45RQ  will allow you to see even the tiniest details in every picture or video.

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page/sc_b00856xdoq-01contrast.jpgAll images will appear with full burst of colour and enhanced depth. With this, you will be able to enjoy superior picture quality, which is unlike what you have seen in any other LED TV.

Built with Contemporary Design


The slim bezel of this TV has also been noted in many RCA TV reviews as one of its impressive design features. It has a slim profile that makes it perfect for creating a contemporary look in any room. It also has 16:9 wide screens for detailed viewing. Another thing that is excellent about its design is the integrated swivel stand, which will offer versatility to have it adjusted in different angles and positions, depending on which can offer optimal viewing experience. You will also have an option to have it mounted on the wall.

High-Quality Viewing in an Energy-Efficient TV

The energy efficiency of this model is commonly praised in different RCA TV reviews. It has RoHs and Energy Star Certification. The latter are certifications that are given only on household appliances that have been proven to meet energy compliance standards. It means that the TV consumes energy efficiently.

Premium Features in an Affordable TV

Given the price of this RCA LED TV, a lot may assume that its features are basic. In reality, however, it is filled with features that can also be found in higher end models. For instance, it has True-to-Life screen, which optimizes viewing regardless of lighting in any room.

 There are also various input and output connections, making it possible to have it connected to various devices. 


  • The best 42′ LED TV you can get for just $237
  • Full 1080p/HD – Resolution
  • Free 60-Day Technical Support: Get phone assistance  from trained technicians  (configuration, connection, and troubleshoot)



  • It takes around 3 seconds to turn on.
  • No VGA input which won’t be a major problem since VGA is considered old and most of the devices that you will want to connect to the TV has an HDMI output.
  • Some customers said that the sound has a week bass and they end up using external surround system.
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Overall RCA LED42C45RQ is an excellent deal and for just 237$ you are getting lot of features compared to other brands where will you will have to pay double the price to get a similar TV. Read more | Buy from Amazon



1080 vs 720 p image source

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